Saturday, May 15, 2010

And so goes life . . .

These past few weeks have been crazy! We have had some tough blows lately. One of my good friends in Palmdale (one that actually DOES stuff) announced that she was moving. I'm currently in intense denial because I still have a week left. Dylan was also diagnosed with ADHD and we have been trying to figure out all that goes with that and what he needs. We have been stretching our budget (nothing new really, just getting old) and we had some tough news from extended family as well. It has been a rough time, but I am grateful that I have my kids who continue to make me laugh and who don't complain when our entertainment is something like "lets go to the library" or "how about recycling cans today." You gotta love that kind of enthusiasm for everything in life - even the small things.
So today I am so GRATEFUL for my kids and how they make me see life from their perspective and keep me laughing!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project time!

So this week was time for a project. I just needed something big to do and I chose our upstairs bathroom because some genius had put carpet in half of it which was completely NASTY after being exposed to our kids for a year so Dylan and I ripped up the carpet and linoleum and then I spent a week laying tile. It is a small space, but it was hard to find the time to complete the tasks. I did though and I LOVE the results. Here are the before and after photos!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 2010

So for Spring Break we had planned to drive to Ohio and visit family, but after some car repairs, a fridge repair and a broken sliding glass door we decided to stay home. It was a bummer, but here are some fun things we did instead.

Chloe got these goggles in her Easter basket and wore them for hours!
The boys and I made a tent. It filled the living and dining rooms and we left it up for the whole two weeks. The kids loved it and slept in it several nights.
We bought a trampoline that bent within 5 minutes of jumping, but it di make a good tent for the kids picnic.

The rest of these pictures are from Santa Barbara. We drove up for the day with Rob's mom and we had dinner at this restaurant that is literally right on the sand called the Fishhouse (I Believe) the food was great and the view was better. We sat on the patio and there were heaters so it was perfect!
The girls enjoying the beach

The boys built a hut with the rocks and some drift wood/palm tree branches. It was fun! Here's Zach inside helping getting it set up.

Griffin and Dylan dragging a peice over.

Here they are at the restaurant. The beach is literrally right behind the plexiglasss. Just like 7 steps down to sand and then 15 yards til water. If you ever get to Santa Barbara you need to go here!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dylan's Baptism

Dylan got baptized last Saturday - March 20th - and it was beautiful. I will admit I was a bit stressed especially when we didn't leave on time. Then when Rob forgot his white pants I was irritated. But, thanks to Brett and his smart comments by the time we arrived at the church all was forgiven.

Dylan was so excited! He loved all the attention and the talks - everyone did such a good job. He said the font was warm and "kinda like a hot tub." What a Dylan comment to make. Rob was hanging up towels and doing stuff so Dylan had about 30 seconds in the font before Rob and he was just roaming around. SO DYLAN!!!! It was very special and I am so proud of Dylan for this decision he made.
We want to thank all the friends and family that came to support Dylan on this special day. I know it was an effort to travel, but it is very appreciated.

Griffin's play

Griffin was in play called Showstoppers at school. They did old TV show songs like Green Acres and Mr. Ed. It was really cute. This is a video of one of my favorites - Gilligan's Island. Griffin is in the back with the glasses (he's the professor) and his best friend is next to him. It is cute. I used my camera to shot the video so it is a little unsteady. Hope the video comes through.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olivia Fife

This is a picture of my neice who was stillborn on January 28,2010. To say that we had been anticipating her birth is an understatement. The yougest cousin is now 20 months and for our family that is the largest gap we have ever had. We were so excited for Olivia! Heavenly Father had other plans and has taken her home with him. We will always miss her! I wrote a poem about Olivia for Heather for Olivia's service. I have posted it here. All my love to my sister and her family for their loss! We will always love you Olivia!
Olivia’s Poem
Olivia, Olivia how I dreamed of a night
Your brown hair so soft and new and your eyes so full of light
The way I would love to hold you close and welcome you here
I would kiss your face and beam with pride with Daddy standing near.
Forevermore I will picture your sweet angelic face
And dream of you, Evan and Audrey in a lovely place.
The brief moments we shared together passed by way too fast.
How I long to be with you and see your smile at last.
Sweet Olivia did you know your name means Olive trees?
They give to earth a quiet strength, simple beauty and peace.
From the flood in ancient days it was the first to grow
A beauty like those aging trees I knew you would show
Then from the Garden long ago the master bent in pain
Did grasp onto an olive tree and find his strength maintained.
From that act long ago comes the promise of forever
That knowledge gives me peace - our family cannot be severed.
Olivia, so perfect, how we long your face to see
Instead I’m left with memories of what I’d hoped would be.
You have returned to loving hands in heavens far above
Everyday we'll miss our baby and dream of you - our love.
For now we are separated and though the years seem long
Through love of our family and the gospel truths so strong
We will wait to reunite and hold our cute baby too.
Goodbye for a time, Olivia we'll always love you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

End of summer fun!!

So at the end of August all of my family got together and had some fun! It was great to see all the cousins together and we had a great time. Perhaps it is that it is getting colder here (40degrees or so in the morning) or what but I am suddenly missing these summer days.

Chloe - such a big girl!
Savannah learning to be a fish!

Our sweet Zach - happy anywhere!

Dylan just chillin'

Griffin always the stud!

All the cousins except for two. I just LOVE the beach!